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Monday, November 13, 2006

Possible - Probable - Misinformation

The C-SPAN2 schedule lists the State Opening ceremonies, including the Queen's Speech, for broadcast at 5:30AM Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, 14 November.

Parliament's web site still says, "The State Opening of Parliament for the 2006-07 Session will take place on Wednesday 15 November 2006."

I know there's a time difference between London and New York, but this is incredible. (It reminds me of Alan Moore's 6-word short story: "machine. Incredibly I'd invented a time")

I suspect that C-SPAN has jumped the gun to gather all the audience before Fox News steals it (or something).

Check the schedule again later to be sure. I'd plan on recording this beginning about 5:30AM on Wednesday morning. It ought to last about two hours.


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